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"You belong among the wildflowers,
You belong somewhere close to me.
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free."
- Tom Petty, Wildflowers
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Good morning, Chloe!

 Chloe likes to sleep in the big bed with us and snuggle. 
She's a little sleepy head - with one eye half asleep.
Yes, she wears a bandana to bed. 
It's her nightgown!
Pink, of course.


Sitting in the sun

Chloe likes sitting in the sun, in her daddy's big chair near the window.
She is cuteness and light.


Walking in Booties

Here she is again, our little Chloe, in her winter snow bootie … walking and doing her little horsey kicks trying to get them off. Wonder if she'll ever get used to these things?

Oh, well - she does look cute in 'em, don't you think?



My booties and Chloe's booties ... after we went out today for our morning walk. It was a quick one - out and right back in, as fast as we could! Stay warm and safe, my friends!


Of Snow and Carrots

Snow day! Chloe and I went out this afternoon and built a snowman. I rolled the snow. Chloe watched.
(That's an organic carrot, by the way.) 


A Healthy Breakfast

Everyone needs a healthy breakfast to start the day off right.


Princess Chloe

Chloe's Halloween costume - a princess/cheerleader. Although, in that last photo with the pom-pom on her head she doesn't look 
too cheery ...
 Posing is fun ...
But tiring work! How do those models do it?




A selfie fitness video for my weight-conscious friends
(not to be confused with whole wheat couscous friends).



Chloe and the orange flower

Chloe likes the orange flower we plucked while on a walk outside yesterday.


Chloe on Grammy's Daybed

Chloe has a new hangout spot.
It's Grammy's daybed.
 She can't wait for Grammy to visit so she can snuggle
with her on the daybed. 
Until then, Diddy will have to do.


It's hard to photograph fireflies ...


fireflies, fireworks, 
and the tinkle of Chloe's bell ...

Chloe makes an appearance in this video, starring as herself. 


Stunning, Beautiful Blue Hydrangeas

It is the end of June and these beautiful, blue hydrangeas are in full bloom...
If you have blue hydrangea, you can stick a rusty nail in the ground under the tree and the blooms will turn purple.


Chloe and the rose

 From my neighbor's bush...
 A pretty pink rose was took!
 No one knows ...
 Except you and me ...
... and Chloe's pink nose!


Does anyone like Pinterest and Talbots?

I'm entering the Talbots Win a Trip to Nantucket contest on Pinterest, and here are some photos I want to pin.
 I just got this cute plaid scarf from Talbots and it goes with so many things - from denim to the pretty pink and blue tee shirt dresses I also got from Talbots.

 Chloe wants to know if I win the trip will I take her?
I tell her maybe I won't win the trip but will win gift certificates on Talbots merchandise and that would be just as nice, because then I can stay home and be with her!